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Pieces of Iceland

Pony shoes on Viks beach

I have yet to take a look at all the shots I’ve made in Iceland. Too many. It’s kinda nice because I can’t remember all of them, so from time to time there are nice surprises, shots that I took quickly while on the go. I had this feeling with this one I just found. It was shot on the beach of a town called Vik, in the southernmost part of Iceland. There was a great, huge, desert beach made of volcanic black sand and pebbles. I loved the way my girlfriend’s colorful shoes came out on the black pebbles. 🙂

I can’t wait to have some spare time and make a selection of all the best shots. Maybe I could make a photo album using iphoto. I’ve seen some of them and they are really nice. I’d like to print some of them, get them framed and showing them off in a gallery or a Cafe somewhere. That could be nice. My mother keeps telling me I should sell a book on Iceland, like a coffee-table book. I wonder if it could work?

Publishing a photo book must be expensive.

I guess you are going to see many of them in the future, as I shuffle through them. 🙂 Scattered pieces of Iceland, one of the most beautiful place I saw. Cleary the best trip I have made in my entire life.

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