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Fouler son pays

1/200, F/3.5, ISO 100 Pour supporter le difficile Et l’inutile Y a l’ tour de l’île Quarante-deux milles De choses tranquilles Pour oublier grande blessure Dessous l’armure Été, hiver, Y […]

Les guerriers – The warriors

1/100, f/2.8, ISO 1600 (Photo prise durant le spectacle L’Ombre de l’escargot présenté au Théâtre Les Gros Becs.) Parfois je me dis que je suis en réalité redevable au gouvernement […]


1/1600, f\2.8, ISO 200 (photo taken in Keflavik International Airport, Iceland) Si on ne fait pas attention, on se retrouve le plus souvent à somnambuler dans un monde qui tourne […]


1/100, f\4.5, ISO 400 Lately I decided for the first time in my life to pile up some money, instead of instantly spending it as usual. I don’t know if […]

Future hands

My brother’s kids are growing up at the speed of light. And to think that these little person did not exist just a few years ago. Me and my girlfriend […]


1/60, f/1.2, ISO 400 America (the world) really needs Barack Obama. That’s all I gotta say.

All these thoughts

1/125, f/2,0, ISO 400 Our mind is such an awesome and mysterious thing. During most of our waking state, everything seems fairly simple, but you soon realize that there are […]

Rich country dwellers

30 sec, F/22, ISO 100. I was recently talking with a friend of mine about how easy it is for us « rich country dwellers » to feel careless, spoiled and downright […]