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Rich country dwellers

30 sec, F/22, ISO 100.

I was recently talking with a friend of mine about how easy it is for us « rich country dwellers » to feel careless, spoiled and downright wrong. I mean, even when you try to make a difference, there are for still lots and lots of stuff that you do everyday that will probably damage the Earth, or violate the human right of some children in India, or steal something from someone.

The problem is, as long as you are part of the big, careless, unstoppable machine that is our society, as long as you want to survive in there, you gotta play by the rules (not all, but at least some, obviously). What is the other alternative? I mean beyond recycling, not using the car, giving to the poor, be nice to everyone, eating well, buy locally, and so on? I do all that stuff, because I feel it’s the right thing to do, even if most of the time, I’m afraid it has very few to no consequence in the end. I praise all the efforts that are made worldwide to improve our way of life. But still, there’s no way you cannot be involved in this or that harming this or that. I mean, I still live in this world, so in a way I still encourage it’s way of life. If I was not, I’d be living in the wild, but now is there any « wild » left anywhere? And hey, what would I want that? I mean we humans are better off together, no?

Sometimes I wonder, is this world ever going to be a better place, not for me, but for all of us, at the same fucking time? Are we, like, in dark ages that will one day lead to brighter days? Or are we doomed, like the dinosaurs? (it was not their fault, unlike us) By the way did you know dinosaurs lived on this Earth far longer that we did?

Or maybe there’s nothing like dark ages or bright ages, when we look at it, during our whole history, it was always a bit of each, depending on who/where/what you were. Just, you know, us, messed up and beautiful.

Still, pretty messed up. All these marvels and horrors we are capable of. All this sweetness and violence.

I guess that’s what make us what we are, and that’s why there will never be any kind of peace as long as we are here.

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